BRC Area Horse Trials Qualifier for the BRC Championships 2018

BRC Senior HT 80 Qualifier
BRC Senior HT 90 Qualifier
BRC 100 Qualifier
BRC Senior/Juniors HT 100+ Qualifier

Further information about and schedule please go to the Area 19 website  


Horse Trials Entry 

Horse and Rider Details

Submit a separate entry for each horse & rider combination, DO NOT submit two horses against a single rider, as your entry will be rejected and your event fees surrendered.

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Be aware that your horse is required to have their vaccinations up to date - passports will be checked at the competition back to the original course of injections.

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Entry Details

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Are you able to provide a helper on the day? 

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Fees and submission

Entry Fee £49.00*

By submitting these details I confirm that I have read and agree to accept the competition and training rules and acknowledge that I am taking part in a risk sport and am a competent rider at the level at which I am entering.