Jumping and Polework Clinic with Tamsyn Hutchins

Popular trainer Tamsyn Hutchins is back to get you all into shape over the winter.

These sessions will be busy to get ready to get sweaty! The sessions will form a mixture of a bit of polework, gridwork or technical jumping in order to sharpen you all up and get you confident over different lines, angles, skinnies etc.

Suitable for all levels of horse and rider ability, you will be grouped accordingly.

Tamysn is particularly good for those of you with young or inexperienced horses, or more novice combinations and will also challenge those more experienced combinations too.

Sessions will be 1 hour, usually 3 horses, maximum 4

Any questions at all, please get in touch with organiser Ali Felton either via email ali.reynolds36@yahoo.co.uk or via the TWRC Facebook page.

Cost - £35 each