February Dressage Points Show Including Qualifier For Hartpury


Class 1 Intro A (2008)

Combination not to have been placed 1st to 3rd in any Dressage Class above Intro. Special rosette for anyone competing in their first TWRC Show

Class 2 Preliminary 2 (2016)

Combination not to have competed above Preliminary Level. Veteran Section included

Class 3 Preliminary 13 (2006)


Class 4 Preliminary 14 (2006)

Hartpury Qualifier. Veteran Section included

Class 5 Freestyle to Music

Either (a) Preliminary BD (2016) or (b) Novice BD (2016) or (c) Elementary BD (2016)  

Class 6 Novice 27 (2007)

Veteran Section included 

Class 7 Novice 34 (2009)

Hartpury Qualifier. 

Class 8 Elementary 44 (2002)

Hartpury Qualifier.

Class 9 Pick a Test

Either (a) Elementary 50 (2007) or (b) Medium 71 (2002). 

Hartpury Championships Points of Note

1. In the event that you have gained qualification in more than one different section you may take your place in a maximum of two of the Championship classes only.

2. Restrictions for horses that are or have been registered with British Dressage are as follows

-Preliminary qualification; Not to have won any BD or BE points
-Novice qualification: Not to have won more than 124 BD points
-Elementary qualification: Not to have won more than 199 BD points

3. Winning combinations of championships classes in 2017 will not be eligible to compete in the same championship class in 2018.

4. The champsionships will be held on 27th May 2018

Dressage Show Points to Note

Entry Fees are £11.50* for members

Veteran riders are classified as 55 years of age or above

Each horse may be entered in maximum of two classes this includes Freestyle to Music

Online entries will close at 2100hrs on the published closing date

No entry fees will be refunded after the closing date

*Open Shows the non members entry fee is £12.50